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RDA Urges FIA to Take Action against Illegal Housing Projects

RDA Urges FIA to Take Action against Illegal Housing Projects

Rawalpindi: According to a notice from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) published in local newspapers on October 30, the FIA's Cyber Crime Wing has been urged to take action against illegal housing projects. The authority has also asked celebrities to confirm the legal status of the housing project before agreeing to promote it.

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RDA emphasized that deceptive sponsorships and advertising are used by unlicensed housing programs to mislead the public. The authorities have also legitimately expressed alarm over the growing involvement of well-known and powerful figures from the entertainment, sports, music, and film industries in these dishonest endorsement schemes. The notification disclosed that a few of these popular people have also become official representatives of these unlicensed housing developments and encouraged the masses to invest in and have faith in the projects.

Additionally, the general public has been cautioned against funding illicit residential projects and vertical buildings. It is recommended that prospective investors confirm the authenticity of the no-objection certificates (NOCs) granted to these developments by the appropriate authorities.

According to reports, the RDA PDC Act, 1976, and the Punjab Development Authorities Private Housing Schemes Rules, 2021, are the legal frameworks by which the RDA Metropolitan Planning & Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate prosecutes unlawful housing schemes in the Rawalpindi District.

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