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Justice Assured to Victims of Eden Housing Society Scam by Nab Chairman

Justice Assured to Victims of Eden Housing Society Scam by Nab Chairman

Lahore: The Chairman Nab Javed Iqbal on Wednesday met the affecters of the Eden Housing Society Scam in his Lahore office and assured them that the Nab is seriously looking at various options to address the issue of the victims of the Eden housing scam. More than 150 affecters of the fraud had gathered around the Nab office in Lahore to protest against the property scam. The society was owned by the late Dr. Amjad and is now owned by his widow. The chairman told the affecters that his office had offered the widow of the late Dr. Amjad to agree on a plea bargain amounting to Rs 20 billion so that the affecters of the Multi-billion scam could be compensated in a true sense.

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The chairman listened to the affecters' grievances and said that apart from the plea bargain, there is another option that the court may decide the matter if the plea bargain doesn’t come to any conclusion. A participant of the meeting told that “Justice Iqbal also assured us that he would arrange a meeting between the affecters and Anjum Amjad in a week to settle the matter of plea bargain. The affecters of the scam requested the chairman nab that Dr. Amjad’s widow should be bound to pay at least Rs 25 billion so that just compensation should be ensured.

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Dr. Amjad,s widow Anjun Amjad is currently on a pre-arrest bail with a direction to finalize the plea bargain with the NAB before May 16, 2022. Earlier Anjum Amjad had requested the NAB to accept a plea bargain amounting to Rs 16 billion with a three-year payment period. Last month hundreds of affecters had gathered outside the accountability court when Anjum Amjad arrived there for an extension of pre-arrest bail. According to NAB reports there are more than 12,000 affecters of the Eden housing scam that was uncovered in 2013. The owners of the society had collected more than Rs25 billion from the public.


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